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Claudine offers in-depth channeled readings giving clarity on past, present and future. She furthermore offers insight through her readings on the energies of homes and office spaces seeing whether they need a clearing or some Feng Shui to re-align and balance the energies so that the occupants are healthy, happy and prosperous.

She also guides sensitive children in a compassionate way offering them clarity, healing and reassurance especially after they have experienced traumas and are feeling alone and misunderstood.

Claudine and her Angels, Archangels and Guides help souls who are earth-bound cross over to the Light in a caring and compassionate way offering much needed reassurance to the souls as well as their families who find it difficult to let go of their loved ones.

She also helps animals cross over.

Claudine works closely with Archangel Michael helping people regain energy through cord-cutting. She helps her clients with advice with different methods to cleanse the aura and how to regain energy. This is done in a very loving and gentle way.


List of Services

~ Readings (One on one or couples ) - 30 minutes or 60 minutes. In-depth channeled readings giving much needed insight into situations whether personal or work-related.

~ Telephonic Readings (Local and International in French or English) - 30 minutes in-depth done in the same way as above.

~ Children Readings - Compassionate insight offering clarity, healing & reassurance (personal or family traumas)

~ Crossing Overs - With the Divine assistance and Unconditional Love of the Archangels Gabriel, Michael, Raphael and Uriel helping earth-bound souls cross over to the Light.

~ Cutting Cords - With the Divine Presence and Aid of Archangel Michael. To clear negative, obsessive attachments to people, places and situations. Done with much Love and Respect.

~ Feng Shui - Creating Balance, Harmony and Prosperity in your Environment. House/ floor plan necessary for a consultation. Small & Large homes.

~ Crystal Murals - Created with Infinite Love & Wisdom to enhance, balance and heal any space which needs it. Home, Garden or Office. All prices on request.