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Journey to Enlightenment

Beyond the human experience is the world of Spirit, that space where souls return to after their human life is ended. Clairvoyance is a spiritual gift that allows one to tap into the etheric space and to bring through personal messages from the Spirit world or Soul space. Utilising her gift, insight, tarot, and oracle cards, the reader will channel messages from both her own and the client’s personal spirit guides.

In depth channelling allows you to explore issues in your past where you are seeking understanding, clarity, or comfort. Present situations, issues and problems can be discussed and assistance and direction gleaned from Source. The likely outcomes of future endeavours can be clarified, bearing in mind that with free will, we can change the trajectory of our lives at any given time. This channelled experience can be done face to face, online or telephonically. Relationship or couple’s sessions can also be done in a combined reading.

It is possible to read the energy of a home or office space to determine whether energetic clearing or Feng Shui is needed to re-align and balance the space. This work is done to raise the vibration of the space, to clear away energetic debris from past occupants and to bring in the energy of health, happiness, and prosperity.

Sometimes when a soul passes over, their loved ones find they struggle to let go. This can have the effect of holding the soul earth bound. By connecting with their deceased loved ones, this necessary energetic release is facilitated in a caring and compassionate way. This can also be done for pets since they are sentient beings.

Working with angels and archangels, energetic cord-cutting can be done to release and clear connections to someone you no longer wish to have in your life, either living or deceased.

Personal energy clearing and aura support are essential for anyone feeling drained or depleted, for those who work in the caring professions, or who deal with trauma on a regular basis. Various methods of support are utilised and these gentle sessions can be very restorative.

Past life memories can have the effect of driving our intrinsic motivators. We may find ourselves driven to actions and behaviours that do not resonate or mirror our true self. By exploring any past life connections that are needing resolution or understanding we can release these patterns and return to a more balanced and harmonic state of being.