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Claudine is a natural born psychic. Originally from the Belgian Congo, this Cape Town based clairvoyant has been working with her spiritual gifts since 1996. She has trained in meditation, Fung Shui, Reiki, Jin Shin Jiutsu, geology, crystals and fine art. With a large international and local client base, Claudine is highly sought after and offers a warm, professional service to individuals and groups.

A deeply compassionate and highly intuitive person, Claudine is the first to assure you that the messages she brings you are from the Angels, Archangels and Spirit Guides and that they flow through her rather than from her. She works with the highest level of integrity and always for the highest good.

Her aim is to support and empower each and every client in a way that helps them transform their lives in a meaningful way. She is passionate about her vision of being in the highest service to Spirit and of rendering her work for the greater good of all. This means not only for the individual, but also for our planet and the greater Cosmos

Here’s what some of Claudine’s clients have said about her:

Claudine offers loving intuitively driven guidance, healing and awareness to empower one to let go of what we need to let go of in order to live as our most powerful selves. ANGIE Cape Town

A visit to Claudine is like accepting a gift straight from heaven. She’ll gently hold you in the palms of her hands as together, you’ll peep into what lies ahead. Claudine is an earth angel! GAIL Cape Town

Claudine’s reading are really wonderful and extremely accurate. It really gives you insight into any area of your life and how to improve yourself and those areas that do need some attention. I have found that by taking her guidance into improving myself, all other areas of my life have started to improve. I have been coming to Claudine for the last 5 years and still I find her gift incredible! COLEEN Cape Town

A consultation with Claudine in 2015 changed the course of my life. I am a gay man and I never had a reading done. With no information, she confirmed that I was in a relationship with a younger black man. Her reading showed clearly that he was in love with me and that everything pointed to our relationship only growing stronger in the future. Our marriage is rock solid to this day and I am surrounded by love. Claudine guided me to this wonderful place in my life. PHILIP Johannesburg

Claudine stands head and shoulders above others who work in the psychic and spiritual realm, for a number of good reasons. Mainly, her innate ability to establish trust and immediately see the truth. Her style is warm, nurturing while delivering hard truths and fortuitous futures in a loving and profoundly impactful manner. Above all, she is a genuine and humble human being, deeply kind, living what she espouses – a true ambassador for Spirit. As session with her is a rare privilege DAVID England