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About Claudine

Claudine is a natural born psychic. Originally from the Belgian Congo, this Cape Town based clairvoyant has been working with her spiritual gifts since 1996. She has trained in meditation, Fung Shui, Reiki, Jin Shin Jiutsu, geology, crystals and fine art. With a large international and local client base, Claudine is highly sought after and offers a warm, professional service to individuals and groups.

A deeply compassionate and highly intuitive person, Claudine is the first to assure you that the messages she brings you are from the Angels, Archangels and Spirit Guides and that they flow through her rather than from her. She works with the highest level of integrity and always for the highest good.

Her aim is to support and empower each and every client in a way that helps them transform their lives in a meaningful way. She is passionate about her vision of being in the highest service to Spirit and of rendering her work for the greater good of all. This means not only for the individual, but also for our planet and the greater Cosmos